6July 2017

The Attrition Rate in Australian Universities is all Time High

Australia is often considered the “Land of Opportunity” due to possibilities offered by it for developing rewarding careers. But, in the recent years, the statistics tell something else. Various research reports suggest the worsening conditions related to student attrition rate. As per the data released by the federal government, one out of three students fails to finish their studies within 6 years of enrolling in a university.

Different ViewPoints and Factors

There are different viewpoints and factors associated with these figures. As per Simon Birmingham, Education Minister, the reason behind these shocking statistics is a lack of transparency from different universities. He also said that the institutions need to be straight with prospective students. He said that the government will do its best to decrease the attrition rates.

Andrew Norton, higher education policy expert from Grattan Institute, also discussed various factors that have resulted in high attrition rate. As per Mr. Norton, poor school performance was one of the major factors resulting in overall attrition. He also said that by shifting the enrolments to online education, there will be an increase in attrition.

Professor Marcia Devlin from Federation University mentioned that the low completion rates were among the mature-age students, who were studying at regional universities. These students usually have family and work responsibilities.

The chances of dropping out is high among the students with low ATAR, but around 50 percent of students with an ATAR in the range of 95 to 100 didn’t finish their course by 2014.

As per the a report published by Think Education, the university students drop out of the colleges when they suffer from financial hardship or face health issues or stress. This report also revealed that more than half of the students wished they given more time analyzing their career choice and tertiary education.

Professor Sally Kift, Deputy Vice Chancellor from James Cook University, mentioned that major reason the students decide to abandon study is stress or health. Also, she discussed the role of financial difficulties, study-life balance, and workload struggles in this regard.

James Bashford from University of Melbourne discussed that students need to be cautious while choosing their course. He also discussed the role of travelling long distances as one of the major factors.

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