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16January 2018

How to Avoid Dissertation Research Proposal Stress – Some Effective & Easy Steps

What is Dissertation Research Proposal?

A dissertation research proposal is an essential part of advanced university level assignments. It gives the reader an idea of what you will be going to write your dissertation. It is basically a description of the following things like what your dissertation is all about, which questions you are going to answer in your dissertation, which references you will provide related to the theoretical background, what are the research methods you are going to use and what will be the outcome of your research.

Why is it Stressful?

Writing a dissertation research proposal is quite difficult. It forms the basis of your dissertation. Most of the students do not understand how important it is for their graduation and overall education. They do not have any idea about the correct format and the guidelines to be followed while attempting. Mere 500 to 1000 words become a nightmare to most of the students. Writing a dissertation research proposal may be tedious and time-consuming. These are some real causes of the stress the students feel before writing a dissertation research proposal.

What are the Simple Ways to Avoid Stress Occurring before writing a Dissertation Research Proposal?

  • Ask for guidance: For writing the research proposal, you can take help from your professor or guide. He or she can guide about the tone and style you have to follow for writing the research proposal.
  • Explain confidently what you want to do: Your views and ideas must be very clear in the proposal. Write confidently while maintaining a balanced view. Do not try to be too arrogant or too flexible.
  • Search for every possible help: Most of the dissertations do not demand much research to be done as most of the related researchers have already been done by other researchers. They have to take just data and information and compile it in appropriate format and guidelines. There are various sources of help like journals, related published researchers, academic writings etc.
  • Follow rules of grammar: The grammar rules are very important in writing dissertation research proposal. Most of the proposals are written in future tense. Be consistent in the usage of proper tenses. You should confirm the rules from your guide.
  • Do not leave any essential part of the proposal: There are certain fixed parts of a proposal. Any part of the proposal if missing may cost you dearly. So try to include every part of the proposal to make it impressive and professional. The essential parts of the proposal are dissertation title, overall objectives, literature, context and background, details of the dissertation research, the potential outcomes of the research, the timeline and finally the bibliography.

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