4January 2018

Classroom Assessments – How To Bring Quality?

What are Classroom Assessments?

Assessment is a type of process in which the actual achievement of a student is determined. There are two main purposes solved by assessments. One is to indicate the students what they have achieved in reality. The other is to identify the trends prevalent in the groups. Assessments or standardized tests lead to the compilation of data of the performance of students. This is used to compare their performance with other students in different areas. This helps to analyze the education policy and the necessary reforms it needs. The overall aim of the assessments is to make learning easier for a student and so, BookMyEssay caters assessment writing help for students to make their assessments perfect.

Classroom Assessments are Basically of Two Types, Formative and Summative.

  • Formative assessment: This type of assessment can be done at any time of the lecture or classroom proceedings. These are meant for evaluate the progress of the learning process and helps us to judge what need to be done in case of any lagging behind. These assessments can be a structured written test which can be given to a student either in the middle of the lecture or at the end of it. It should be given prior to the final test so that you can analyze the performance of the class about the concerned lesson. Written formative assessments may be Paper-and-pencil tests, quizzes, checklists etc which provides the teacher the data about the student and do the necessary changes in the instruction pattern.
  • Summative assessment: Summative assessments are intended for final grading of the student. There is no re-teaching of the topic and it is considered as complete. The teacher will move on to the next topic. The data accumulated in a summative assessment is meant for the students. They are shown their performance in the test. High quality summative assessments can be made when the focus of the teachers is on students and learning. The students need to know that whether they are making progress in the lesson or not.

How to Create Best Quality Written Classroom Assessments?

Whether the assessments are formative or summative, these should be in written format. This form of written subjective assessment lets a teacher know about the expressions of the students. How you taught the lesson can be heard orally from the student but how he or she can express it in their own words can be seen through a written assessment only. Written classroom assessments can be of two types:

  • Essays: The students are asked to choose the answers from the given passage and then write them in their own words. Extended essays might be given for homework.
  • Authentic assessment: These assessments are meant for the answering of questions based on real-life situations. The students are judged on their critical thinking skills.

How to Get Professionals Assessment Writing Help?

Assessment assignments are meant for those students who are pursuing a course in education or teaching. These assessment assignments give the students an overview that how to teach and assess their students in the best possible ways. BookMyEssay has experts who make high-quality custom assignment help and make it available at reasonable prices. At BookMyEssay there is a team of more than 3000 highly qualified professionals who are well-experienced in their respective fields. The assignment writing experts to provide assessment writing help are well-known educators from best universities of the world.

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