7October 2020

Comparison between Enterprise and Start-ups through the Evolution of Project Management

In terms of the theories of project management, start-up companies play a game of probabilities. Like poker games, the best poker players win constantly, but at times it loses to amateurs. It requires excellent execution in the project management of start-ups. But according to the fact, at times, even the best entrepreneurs can fail. However, an enterprise’s project management system needs to be more strategic, take on less risk, and plan two steps. To know more about project management tools, the students can refer to the contents of Project Management assignment help.

The Distinction between Start-ups and Enterprise

It is not necessary for the start-up company to have a hundred or more than a hundred employees. Companies with 12000 employees can also be called as a start-up. For instance, Uber is still called a start-up in the media with 12000 existing employees.  However, a start-up started by the undergraduates is far different from the one started by the serial entrepreneurs who have previously worked in the enterprise. To define a start-up characteristic, it consists of a co-located team comprising approximately 1-50 employees where every employee knows each other by their name.

Whereas, in the case of an enterprise, it consists of multiple departments and locations. In the enterprise, the employees know their direct colleagues well and interact with few people from other departments. The roles are loosely defined in a start-up, but everyone has redefined clear responsibilities and hierarchies in enterprises. The co-founders are very active in a start-up in making most of the decisions. But in enterprise companies, the decisions made by the higher management might be public. The survival of the start-up company is a significant problem in the case of losing money. Whereas, profitability and shorter survival for the enterprise is likely not a concern. The experts of BookMyEssay always help the students in solving the queries related to Project Management assignment help.

Project Management in a Start-up and Enterprise

In a start-up, the proper roles of project managers and product managers often become intertwined. The project managers in a start-up are likely to take several responsibilities outside the traditional role, usually defined in an enterprise. It is quite easy for project managers in a start-up to make crucial decisions as there are not many dependencies in terms of the other teams, processes, clients, etc. A start-up is the right place for the project managers to try out their ideas and grows professionally. With independence in decision making, it is an empowering sensation for the project managers, thus creating a sense of autonomy.

In an enterprise, the roles of different positions become much defined as the work becomes more specific. In an enterprise, the project managers trends to focus more on the project’s operational aspects, whereas the product manager is responsible for execution. In an enterprise with the joining of a new project manager, new project management tools and methodologies are introduced. Therefore at that time, the need for a project management office arises. In an enterprise, a project manager needs to interface with a PMO. To avail the service of assignment writing help in Adelaide students can refer to the official website of BookMyEssay.

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