29August 2017

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Electrical engineering is a specialized branch of engineering and a very popular among the students of engineering too. Electrical engineers are mainly engaged in a power sector, telecommunication, and manufacturing. Manufacturers hire electrical engineers for automation and maintenance of the system. Mobile phones and computer system manufacturers require electrical engineers for supervising the manufacturing processes as also for research and development. As such electrical engineers are an inevitable part of any industry. All other branches of engineering, including computer engineering, telecommunication engineering, and even chemical engineering take help of electrical engineering for different purposes. Students sometimes require professional help to complete electrical engineering assignments successfully. Such professional help can be received from BookMyEssay. The company is already a recognized “brand” in assignment service. The Electrical Engineering assignment help service in AUS of BookMyEssay is a source of authentic assignments on any topics in electrical engineering.

Electrical Engineering: Important Topics

An overview of the subject can reveal what the students generally read in electrical engineering and what kinds of assignments are given to the students. Here are some important topics in electrical engineering:

  •  Mathematics for electrical engineers: Mathematics plays a vital role in electrical engineering. Higher mathematics, especially, integral and differential calculus have wide many application in electrical engineering.
  •  Transmission: This topic includes power transformers, the purpose of power transmission, transmission substation, HVDC transmission, etc.
  •  Electrical wiring concepts: This topic includes understanding wiring diagram, fuse, rheostat, SPDT, DPDT, etc.
  •  Analog electronic circuit: This topic includes, transistor Modelling and Small Signal Analysis, Feedback Amplifier & Oscillator Circuits, Compound Configuration, Op-amp with Negative Feedback Comparators, Differential Amplifier and Introduction to Operational Amplifiers, JFET Biasing and MOSFET, etc.
  •  Electrical engineering materials: This topic includes analysis and description of different types of materials used in electrical lines and devices, like conducting material, insulating material, special purpose materials, super conducting materials, etc.
  •  Thermal and hydraulic prime movers: This topic discusses thermal and hydraulic prime movers and their utilities, appreciation of the role of thermal and hydraulic prime movers in different types of power generating plants, understanding the working process of power plants, etc.
  •  ICT tools and security: This topic includes details about ICT tools and their utilities in program-based applications, etc.
  •  Digital electronic circuits: This topic includes Number Systems and Codes, Karnaugh Map and Quine, Shift Registers, Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates, Combinational Circuits, Flip Flops, Counters, Logic Families, Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Converters, etc.
  •  Control system engineering: This is an important part of electrical engineering, this includes mathematical modeling for a physical system, time response analysis, root locus techniques and their applications, etc.
  •  High voltage engineering: This topic includes important chapters like Electrostatic fields and field stress control, Breakdown in solid and liquid dielectrics, an Electrical breakdown in gases, Generation of ac and dc high voltages and current, Measurement of high voltages and current, etc.

Apart from these, the students learn in detail many other important topics like electrical system design, testing and maintaining electrical devices, power electronic converter, microprocessor and microcontroller, signals and systems, different stages of electric process design, power system protector and switchgear, etc. In fact, electrical engineering is full of complicated chapters and case studies. Students remain engaged in classes, lab works, and practical programs.

However, in every semester, one main assignment and several smaller homework types of assignments are commonly given to the students. Working on these assignments by arranging some hours every day from this hectic schedule is really tough for the students.

Why do students look for Expert Assistance?

The main issue is insufficient knowledge and time. At this stage of the study, it is really tough for the students to know all aspects of a topic in larger detail whereas the assignments are designed to look at the professional knowledge of the students. Naturally, the expectation of the professors is never met and that is obviously reflected in the marks and grades. So, it is always feasible to take expert advice and assistance rather than submitting a poorly written assignment and improve your grade. The electrical engineering assignment writers associated with BookMyEssay are experienced people who know how to write a professional academic assignment and submit it within the deadline. These writers have several other attractive qualities:

  1.  They keep updating the status of the task 2-3 times a day.
  2.  They can be contacted while the work-in-progress to relate any new update the students get from the college.
  3.  They can be contacted for certain modifications.
  4.  The writers are holding highest credentials in this field.
  5. They are proficient in customizing every assignment and making the professionally presentable.
  6.  The writers also take care of plagiarism issue and ensure original work to every student. And get dissertation, instant research proposal help writing help.

So, the Electrical engineering assignment help you receive from these expert writers will enable you to save lots of valuable time and energy for other important tasks. This will also enable you to achieve high grades in the semester exams.

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