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16October 2017

For Econometrics Assignment Help – Always Believe in the Best

Econometrics is a branch of economics which applies mathematics, statistics and computer science for the evaluation and interpretation of economic data. Most of the students of econometric assignments rush in the last hour as they are not fully aware of what has been asked in the assignment. They try to search for help online but do not get it properly as there are many help providers online. Authentic and genuine Econometric assignment writing help service providers are very few but you can rely on BME without any doubt.

Econometrics can also be defined as the analysis of economic data based on certain theories and observations. Three major subjects are related to econometrics like mathematics, computer science, and statistics. So, to be efficient in econometrics one should be expert in all three subjects equally. Mostly the econometric assignments are a combination of the theories and formulae of the three subjects. These contains topics like the algebra of least squares, conditional expectations and projections, least square regression, asymptotic theory of least squares, hypothetical testing and much more.

Classification of econometrics:

  • Theoretical Econometrics: It is the study of methods which includes both the procedures of existing ones and development of new ones. It is a system based on mathematical formulae which deal with assumptions of a particular theory related to economics.
  • Applied Econometrics: It deals with the application of economics in its various branches like demand and supply chain, employment, labor, the elasticity of price etc. It aims to give empirical contents to the economic relations between the given data.

Econometrics employs various standard statistical models to study the economic problems. In these models, observational data is dealt with. It is similar to the design of observational studies in other disciplines like sociology, political science, astronomy etc. It analyzes systems of equations and inequalities in economic data. Consequently, the fields of econometrics have developed new methods for identification and estimation of new models. These methods allow researchers to estimate models to investigate empirical contents.

Lastly but not the least let us discuss the contents of an econometric assignment. It starts with the introductory part in which the student will explain the research question, the data source, and the expected findings and you can improve your grades in econometrics. Then the literature review comes which covers the main works in the evolved field. The data section covers the data in the form of a histogram, descriptive statistics and the shortcomings of the essay. Then the analysis section comes. It covers the specifications of your statistical model which suits your conceptual frameworks and theoretical aspects. It is followed by the diagnostics section. This presents the tests which you will run and interprets the findings. The explanation of the problem solving is also covered in this section. The last section is the conclusion section. It is the summary of what you wanted from the whole work, how it has been done and what was the outcome. The list of bibliography includes the list of citations in the text.

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