28December 2017

Electrical Engineer’s Tool Box – The Top Ten Tools

This informative tool is all about to let you know the important tools of engineering along with making you aware with Electrical Engineering Assignment Writing Help provided by BookMyEssay.

What are the Top Ten Tools of an Electrical Engineer?

  • Calculator edge: It is one of the most important tools for an electrical engineer. It has online free calculators for the use in electrical engineering needs. There are more than 100 calculators in most of the fields of engineering.
    1. Key Features: RMS value, Ohm’s Law, Voltage drop, Resistance-Frequency-Capacitance
    2. Cost: Free
  • Electronics Bundle or @WagMob: It is mainly concerned with simple and digital electronics. It has apps available for mobiles so engineers can access information anywhere.
    1. Key Features: Small chapters to access information quickly, Flashcards for memorizing ideas, self-assessment quizzes, for students and professionals both.
    2. Cost: $1.99 for iPhone & iPad apps. Free for Google Play Apps.
  • series: It is made by Zuken. It is concerned with electrical wiring, fluid engineering and electrical control systems. It also has updated CAD software available in various product options like E3.3d Routing Bridge, to E3.enterprise, to E3.Wireworks.
    1. Key Features: Design and documentation of wire harness, cable assembly, panel layouts and control systems, fluid design for hydraulic and pneumatic systems, multi-view project file, and real time design check rules.
    2. Cost: Free version of E3.Design Software, rest negotiable according to the needs.
  • PartSim: It is a circuit simulator which is free and easy to use. It runs on various browsers and supports SPICE simulation, AC/DC/Transient Sims and Waveform Viewer.
    1. Key Features: Full SPICE simulation engine, graphical waveform viewer, Web-based schematic capture tools, and an integrated Bill-Of-Materials manager.
    2. Cost:
  • Electrical Tools and Reference: It is one of the most comprehensive App for electricians and electrical engineers available on Android.
    1. Key Features: It includes Max Zs values, Watts Amps volts Calculator, kVA Calculator, electrical reference charts, developed using Android SDKs for smooth running on Android platform.
    2. Cost: $4.28
  • Power eSim: It was basically designed for designing better power supply. Apart from SMPS, it also designs circuits for transformers also.
    1. Key Features: More than 100 circuits and topologies, pre-design software and verification of final design, component analysis, essential waveforms etc
    2. Cost: Free
  • NL5 Circuit Simulator: It offers simple ideal components instead of using SPICE-based simulators.
    1. Key Features: Instant switching of ideal switching of ideal switches and diodes, PWL representation, solving complex non-linear equations, friendly interface.
    2. Cost: 30 day trial and one year student license free of cost, rest PC and network license range from $99 – $499.
  • LTspice IV: It is a SPICE simulator, schematic capture and waveform viewer. A must have tool.
    1. Key Features: Enhancement to SPICE, waveform viewing, over 200 op amp models, available for Windows and Mac OS.
    2. Cost: Free
  • Note Taker HD: It is a productivity app which organizes handwritten notes and diagrams.
    1. Key Features: Organizes notes and PDF files, undo and re-do buttons with eraser tool. Cut paste tools.
    2. Cost: $4.99
  • iCircuit: It is a circuit simulator and designer available on Windows, iOS, Mac and Android.
    1. Key Features: Handles both analog and digital circuits.
    2. Cost: $2.99 to $4.99

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