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5July 2017

How to Improve Your Grades

Grades are vital during every stage of academic life: college, high school, and even primary school. If you find it difficult to get good grades, we have made the process easier through these tips discussed in the subsequent sections.

Follow Simple Tips

1. Eat right for Good Grades
Perhaps food is the last thing that comes to one’s mind when considering the tips to improve the grades. You must consume healthy beverages like milk, plenty of water, green tea, fruit juice, and smoothies. Talking about the food, make sure you consume protein-rich diet, leafy veggies, carrots, pumpkin, seeds, and fish. These food items ensure brain works efficiently and you have sufficient amount of energy. Avoid junk food, alcohol, ice creams, and related stuff.

2. SWOT Analysis
SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities, and threat) analysis is mainly popular in the business world. But, you can adopt this technique to analyze your academic situation. This will help you understand the areas of improvement and give you a clear roadmap for studying purpose.

3. Go through the Past Exams
Majority of students ignore this trick when it comes to exam preparation. You can download the question paper from university’s website or contact the college/high school staff for the same. This gives an overview of the pattern of the question paper. It, basically, reduces the stress and instills the much needed confidence.

4. Stay Connected with Your Teacher
Have a detailed discussion with your teacher to analyze what went wrong during your preparation. It is equally important to follow the advice given by the teachers. If you don’t take the word of your seriously, they might not offer you a support in the future. Check with the teacher if you can do an additional assignment for an extra credit. Also, ask what went wrong with the previous Writing Assignments and if you can re-do them to improve the grades.
When doing the assignment after teacher’s advice, make sure to take the support assignment professionals like BookMyEssay. Your teacher will never be disappointed, as the quality of the assignment will be beyond her expectation.

5. Focus on your Note-taking Skills
One of the common reasons the students receive average grade is that they are not good at taking notes. If you take notes in an unorganized and hurried manner, you will end misunderstanding your own work. So, how to do that?

  • Keep separate notepads for separate modules and topics
  • Use symbols and abbreviations to write your notes. This process is known as shorthand and leads to taking notes in a quick manner.
  • Make audio recording of the lecture. Smart phones have made it easier to record everything in the class. You can also use a Dictaphone for this purpose.
  • If you are fast at typing, use a laptop to take the notes. There are also some note-taking software that makes this process quite simple and quick.
  • When taking notes electronically, use bullet points.

Give special emphasis while writing Assignments

While writing an assignment, avoid being indirect or evasive, as it may result in a poor impression. Also, use jargons only if you are sure that the readers will understand them. Have an outline before starting the assignment. Proofread the assignment twice to ensure it is devoid of mistakes. Take the support of professionals if you feel the topic is difficult. BookMyEssay is a renowned Custom Assignment Writing Help service provider that covers myriad of topics on your behalf. You don’t have to break a bank to take their services.

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