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28May 2018

What is The Importance of Reconciliation Day in Australia?

What is Reconciliation in Australia?

‘Reconciliation’ is a term which refers to the bringing together of the original people and Torres Strait Islanders and other Australians. It has all the elements of truth, forgiveness, justice, peace, love, healing and much more for making Australia a unified place. For this, an organization has been created named ‘Reconciliation Australia’. It is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization. It was established in January 2011 to promote harmony and brotherhood between indigenous Australians and non-indigenous Australians. The vision of this foundation is to have a just, equitable and reconciled Australia. It aims at building trust, relationships, and respect between different and diverse communities.

Why is it Important to have Reconciliation Day Public Holiday in the ACT or Australian Capital Territory?

Recently, ACT or Australian Capital Territory has become the first state or territory to recognize reconciliation day as a public holiday. ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs Minister Chris Bourke said that to promote healing and unity one of the public holidays to change into Reconciliation Day. He said that this holiday will mark a yearly reminder for the commitment towards the betterment of relationship between Aborigines, Islanders and Non-indigenous Australians.

Reconciliation Australia has welcomed this move from the government. They have valued the cultural heritage of Australia and want that the whole world should know about the rich cultural aspects of the oldest culture in the world. A recent report has said that about 86% of the Australian found this unifying effort as an important move. It also has made clear that Australians have not reached their full potential for reconciliation.

Before coming to this conclusion, the ACT government hired a consultant to take surveys and public reviews to put this move from papers to reality. The consultant, Ms. Roz Chivers reported in the legislative assembly that most of the people in Canberra will welcome the move. It was proved through public surveys, written submissions, online surveys, public forums etc. There were 244 positive responses against 61 negative responses. The negative people made racist remarks and were not in favor of the move.

Another point of discussion was that on which day the public holiday should be implemented. Also what should be the name of the holiday, whether it would be the Reconciliation Day, Mabo Day or a unique name, for example, Unity Day? Most of the people recommended that the holiday should be observed on the first day of Reconciliation Week.

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