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19July 2017

Leadership and Followership: Two sides of the Same Coin

Leadership is the act of leading a group Leader is one who can influence people, motivate them for a common purpose, and accomplish the target with the help of those people. Leaders are too important for an organization because they can drive a group of employees to achieve a common goal for the overall benefit of the organization. Apart from a body corporate, leaders are important in every other aspect of society or country.

The purpose of a leader is to drive a team towards a positive direction where the hard work of every team member will be valued and at the end, the team members will also get compensation as per their contribution towards the common goal. So, a leader drives motivate and manage people under him. On the other hand, followers are those who are influenced and inspired by the followers. They are the people who take the teaching and advice of the leader wholeheartedly and do what the leader asks them to do. Without the good followers, leaders can’t accomplish his or her job perfectly. An ideal follower also provides necessary feedback to a leader and asks questions whenever necessary. A leader can’t be successful without a group of avid followers.

Learning the difference between leadership and followership

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Quality of good leadership

A good leader possesses the following qualities:

  • Honesty: It is the backbone of leadership. Followers sometimes follow blindly as their leader directs. So, a leader needs to honest in directing and meeting his or her own responsibility.
  • Communication: A leader needs to be a good communicator. Leadership is all about relationship building which is never possible without smooth-sailing rapport with the followers. A leader should use easy language that the followers can easily understand, friendly gestures and attitudes, good command over the local language, and lucid belief
  • Source of inspiration: A leader should be the source of inspiration for others. His or her lifestyle, behavior, work ethics, and attitude are followed by the others. So, he or she must have inspiring trait altogether.

Qualities of a follower

Following are the most expected qualities of an ideal follower:

  • Loyalty: A follower needs to be loyal. There is no harm in questioning, but in spite of all obstacles, a good follower always remains loyal to the leader.
  • Collaboration: Without the mutual collaboration of the followers, no leadership can be successful. Followers should be collaborative with each other as also with the leader.
  • Hard-working: Leaders always expect hard-working followers who will materialize his or her leader’s plans and proposals at any cost.Leadership and followership are two different yet inter-connected parts of a common system where agroup effort is mandatory like in governing a country or managing a company. Both are essential and could be found simultaneously.
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