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21September 2017

MATLAB Assignment Help – A Sample for Reference

MATLAB is an abbreviation for Matrix Laboratory. It is high-level computer language which is used for mathematical modeling, technical computing and linear algebraic analysis. Its technological operations are based on concepts of linear algebra. These are integrated as computation, analysis, modeling, and simulation. MATLAB assignment writing help is provided in the fields of computers, engineering, and statistics.

MATLAB is actually mathematical processing language. It is mainly established through creation of user interface and also interfacing with other programming languages like C, C++, Fortran etc. It permits source controls, applications from altos and data sketches and functions. It is mostly used in mathematical computations. It provides an excellent environment for algorithms. It is useful for both professionals as well as university and college students. MATLAB is a powerful and versatile tool for the processing of multidimensional data. This includes a range of problems like signal and image processing, neural networks, matrix analysis etc. MATLAB has an open code which allows advanced users to understand the programming of algorithms. It has an environment which supports the creation of our own algorithms. The developers of MATLAB are in constant improvement of this language and its functions. A large number of functions and specialized packages are developed like PLS Toolbox.

Methods used in MATLAB:

Currently, the most popular methods used in solving optimization problems are as follows:

  • Calculus variation methods.
  • Methods based on using language multipliers.
  • Research methods based on classical analysis functions.
  • Dynamic programming methods.
  • Non-linear programming methods.
  • Linear programming methods.
  • Maximum principle methods.
  • Chemo metric methods.
  • Geometric programming methods.

For the implementation of chemometric methods, specialized software packages are used like the Unscrambler or SIMCA along with some general purpose statistical packages like SPSS or Statistical.

The geometric programming method is the most recent method developed in MATLAB environment. It is successfully applied in solving a certain range of problems which were considered to be very complex and very difficult to solve. The above-mentioned methods are of two types; general and specific. General methods are applied to a variety of problems that arise in practice but specific methods are applied to specific problems only. Sometimes a combination of methods is applied to solve a certain set of problems e.g. dynamic programming methods are employed in combination to maximum principle methods.

Importance of MATLAB:

MATLAB is used in various fields like electrical fields, electronics, mathematics, image processing, calculus, biomedical engineering, Statistics, remote sensing etc. The language is used to create user interfaces, interpolation and implementation of algorithms, plotting of data, solutions for differential equations, vector operations and linear equations and plotting of functions.

To help students in MATLAB assignments, a sample assignment is being given for the reference of the students. They will be able to understand the essence which is required to be kept while solving a MATLAB assignment.

In the current sample, following problems are solved:

  • To calculate the area of a sphere and calculate differential changes (relative changes in area of sphere with change in radius)
  • For a given quadratic equation, find the minimum value and RHS and LHS limits.
  • Calculate the area of a sphere.
  • How the surface area of a sphere changes with an increase in the radius.
  • Find min of q(x) = x^2 + bx + c given b, c and random L, R.

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