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18December 2017

Nursing A Stem Field Or Not – The Argument Continues

What is a STEM Field?

A stem is a short form of Science, Technology, Engineering. It has been a topic of debate for a long time that whether to include nursing in STEM field or not. After having talk and discussion with various academicians, medical experts, nurses, of course, there was not a single unified notion which left this debate to one side. People both agreed and disagreed to put nursing into the STEM field. Most of the nursing assignments are focused on the STEM part of the nursing course. And such nursing assignment writing help where a STEM is clearly described can be found at BookMyEssay!

What are the Contents of a Nursing Course?

A full-fledged nursing course is spread over four years with a six-month internship in general. The subjects to be studied may vary but the generality of basic courses remain the same. Looking at the contents of the nursing course it can be included under STEM fields. The basic contents of the course are as follows:

  1. First Year Course: Nursing Foundation, Psychology, Microbiology, Introduction to Chemistry English, Anatomy, Physiology, Nutrition, Biochemistry.
  2. Second Year Course: Medical Surgery Nursing – I, Community Health Nursing, Communication & Educational Technology, Sociology, Pharmacology, Pathology, Genetics.
  3. Third Year Course: Mental Health Nursing, Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing, Medical Surgery Nursing – II, Child Year Nursing.
  4. Fourth Year Course: Nursing Research & Statistics, Management of Nursing Services and Education, Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing – II, Community Health Nursing.
  5. Internship (Integration Practice): Community Health Nursing – II, Medical-Surgical Nursing (Adult and Geriatrics), Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing, Child Health, Mental Health and Research Project on any one major subjects.

Can Nursing be Included in STEM Field?

By having a look at the course contents of nursing, it appears obvious that nursing can be justifiably included under STEM field. Nursing students, practicing graduates, long time nursing practitioners and many medical related professionals are in this view that nursing should be taken under STEM umbrella. But some thinkers believe that it has certain aspects which relate it to social sciences.

According to the discussion held with higher authorities of USA like U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), it is seen that the bureau has included Nursing under STEM field. On the other hand, Department of Commerce’s Economics and Statistics Administration and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had not included Nursing in its list of STEM subjects.

Every department has its own reasons for including Nursing under STEM or not. BLS included it under STEM field domain along with other health-related fields. There are different definitions of the STEM with different authorities. Department of Commerce and National Science Foundation include fundamental sciences under STEM field. As they regard nursing as an applied field, it cannot be completely included under STEM field. As it has major subjects like sociology to be studied under nursing, it is often included under social sciences.

How can you have Nursing Assignment Help in a Smart and Practical Way?

Nursing assignments revolve around the basics of science, technology. Students find it quite difficult to manage these four pillars of nursing. So it is advisable to take help from the professionals. BookMyEssay has a tradition of giving nursing assignment help at their best. These custom assignment writing help are of high quality and plagiarism free. BookMyEssay has tried to present to the students the arguments that why nursing is included under the STEM and why not. This inclusion has been important in job recruitments abroad, visa formalities, promotion in current jobs etc. The immigration bureau also looks into this matter very strictly for granting a visa for different jobs in different countries.

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