1July 2020

Top Facts about Employment Law You Need To Know

Employment law regulates wide range of law associated with the employees and employers. The employment laws are different from state to state but the federal laws are the one that covers the entire country. These laws protect the rights of employers as well as employees. Today, this blog will tell you some facts about the employment law that you should know. However, the students who are pursuing law studies can take employment law assignment help from the experts of BookMyEssay.

Important Facts about Employment Law

Unfair Termination Is Not Always Illegal

In most of the cases the employers can terminate the employee if there is any specific reason behind that. There is no need to give any reason for the discharge according to the law. But if we talk about the “at will” rule then there are some exceptions. Here are some of the reason for which it is illegal to terminate the employee:

  • Due to sex, color, age, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, national origin, gender identity (transgender), disability, medical condition (including pregnancy), language or marital status.
  • Because of breaking the contract or agreement.
  • Reporting employee to police or any other government agency.
  • In response for imposing their own legal rights.

Employees Have Rights to See Their Personnel Documents and File

Most of the employees have the right to check and receive a personnel files copy. These files contain information about them and their job performance. According to the California Labor Code Section 1198.5, the employees can ask for their personnel file copies. It is the responsibility of the employer that they must allow employees to inspect the copy of personnel file. They should also provide them with a copy of the complete file within a specific period of time. The employees even have the rights to add documents to the personnel file especially when they disagree with some kind of information available in the file. The laws might be different in other states by they provide similar rights to the employees.

It’s illegal to have “Use it or Lose It” Policies for Vacations

According to the California Labor Code Section 227.3, when employees are terminated, they are entitled to get paid for the unused vacations exactly like the unpaid wages. Although, the employees are allowed to take the vacation for certain time period while their leaves will be paid. You can hire BookMyEssay to know more about employment law study tips.

Unreasonable Deductions from Pay Are Illegal

It is completely illegal for the employers to make any kind of deductions from the salary on the basis of mistake or inadvertent error in the work process. Even if there is some kind of loss by mistake or accident or cash shortage, the employees should get complete pay without any deductions.

Employees Can Deny To Do Unsafe Work

According to the California Labor Code (Section 6311), the employees have right to say no if there are asked to perform unsafe task in which risks are involved. Before refusing the work, it is the responsibility of the employee to inform the reporting manager about the reason and the unsafe condition.

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