4November 2017

Top Tips for Studying Mathematics

Majority of students from across the world have a phobia related to mathematics. In fact, there is a psychological term for called mathematical anxiety related to an extreme form of phobia. It is a form of anxiety that gets in the way with math performance.

To help the students get rid of this form of anxiety, we have discussed some essential tips. Rather than offering the obvious tips like stay attentive in the class or practice regularly, we have focused on tips on how to study or solve the questions and get online academic assignment help also for mathematics marks.

Use Smartphone Apps

The App stores of smartphones are filled with apps that ease up the process of studying and practicing mathematics. A lot of these apps also contain solutions to common mathematical problems. Here is a list of apps you can use to enhance your math skills:

  • Math Solver (Android)
  • The Math Page (iOS)
  • Mathematics Pro (iOS, Android)
  • Math Tricks (Android)
  • Math Formulas Free (Android)
  • Photo math (Android, iOS)
  • Wolfram Alpha (Android, iOS)
  • Mental Math Master (Android

Some apps from this list are available for free. Well, for others, you have to shell out some money.

Identify the Steps Mentally

Before writing the solution, think the question thoroughly. This process should be followed by identifying the steps used for solving the answer. This saves you a lot of time and ensures you don’t get stuck in-between while solving a question. This strategy becomes more useful while solving test question or an assignment.

Make Proper Notes

Well, this is applicable for every subject. But what’s important is that you also note down the explanatory remarks when an instructor is giving a lecture on a specific topic. This will greatly reduce your pressure when you start solving the questions for assignment or just practice purpose. Go through the notes after your class to mark the errors. Connect with your instructor or another student to rectify these errors.

Create Index Cards

Prepare a set of index cards having essential formulas and concepts. Whenever you get time, you can use these cards to memorize the concepts and formulas. You can also get these cards printed with interesting fonts so that the formulas don’t look boring.

Draw a Diagram

It is not necessary that you have to draw a diagram when you are asked to do so in a question. You can do it just to have a better understanding of the question. This diagram can also help you identify exactly what you have to deduce in the solution. If it becomes your habit, you can greatly reduce the time spent on solving the questions. Not only it will help you in your regular tests but this strategy can be of great use during your ACT tests.

Learn From the Errors

There are two types of errors a student commits while solving a question. Rushed errors are notational or arithmetic errors made by the student when he or she is in hurry. Repeated errors are made when a student understanding related to a concept. You need to make a list of errors and write the correct solution in front of it.

Start Writing the Assignment As Soon As You Receive It

Don’t begin the assignment just two-three days before the submission date. This will minimize the buffer time in case you fail to solve the questions. If you start writing the assignment just before the submission, you might become anxious.

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