29June 2020

Understanding the Changes in Australian Employment Law 2020

For Australian Employment Law, the past few years has been deafening. 2020 has been the year of hope for employees as numerous changes has been introduced to employment law. These amendments started commencing from the very beginning of the year. The students who are pursuing law studies can acquire employment law assignment help from the experts of BookMyEssay. In this blog, we are going to talk about the amendments made in the employment law this year. These are the 5 major changes that businesses as well as employees should be aware of. Let’s dive deeper into it.

What is Employment Law?

Employment law is one wide area of law that regulates the relationship between a business and its employees. Australian employment law is incorporates Federal and State regulations, encompasses wide range of issues that are related to the employees and business owners. It manages the wages, working conditions, and relationship of the employees and employers. The employment law also regulates issues regarding discrimination (age, sexuality and race) and dismissal of the employee. You can hire assignment help online to know more about it. The Australian industrial relation system has been evolving continuously. The changes in employment law ranging from major to minor reforms.

Amendments in Employment Law Related to Annual Salary Payments

This is perhaps one of the major change that has been made to the employment law. The businesses will be significantly affected by these changes. Most of the changes are made regarding the annual salary payment of employees. Even though, there are minimal alterations based on which award implements. The amendments in employment law implies that when an employer wants to give annual salary to a full-time employee then it is important for them to fulfil their requirements which includes a written document to the employee. This coveys according to which modern award provisions their salaries are getting covered.

They must set an outer limit for all the penalties and overtime hours’ rate. The employees are entitled to get paid for the additional remuneration. This needs to be paid with the pay period. The document should also demonstrate the ways how the annual salaries of the employees are calculated.

Along with that, it is also imperative for the employers to keep the accurate record from beginning to the end including unpaid break times of the employees paid an annual salary. The employees are now allowed to acknowledge the record for then each pay period.

Whistleblower Legislation

The corporation Act 2001 and the taxation administration act 1953 are the two major acts in which amendments were made on 1st July 2019. These changes were made to protect whistleblower. According to these new changes in the employment law, the companies must have the complaint whistleblowing. The employers must review all the arrangements regarding Whistleblower. If it has some loopholes then they have to implement the new policies. Moreover, if there is failure in the compliant policy then it is consider the criminal offence. The maximum penalty for this law is $126,000. The assignment writing services can help you understand this law in a better way.

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