Victoria Australian Assignment Help
5December 2017

How Victorian Students Can Get Professional Help in Assignments

Let’s know about Victoria University:

Situated in Melbourne, Australia Victoria University is one of the most famous Universities in Australia. It has in all more than 19000 higher education students and more than 30000 TAFE students enrolled in various courses in the University. It has a well-built website which helps the students in writing their intended assignments. Assignment writing help in Victoria University should be guided by the university offering the assignments.

Why Should Website of any University be Student Friendly?

Most of the students cannot complete their given assignments on their own. They take help from professional assignment help provider. This may be due to many reasons like spending time on other curricular activities, lack of knowledge of proper guidelines and writing style and many more. Moreover, the universities which offer courses do not take care of the difficulties arising among the students in writing their assignments. They may offer websites but most of them are not up to mark. They do not intend to be user-friendly. They do not pay much attention on web style of writing or page designing or navigation style inside the website. This creates a very confusing website and the students find no help and just waste time in browsing the website.

What is unique about Victoria University’s website in Assignment Help?

According to a study conducted by Trader and Zhang, 2005, the internet is a big source of information for the intended user. They say that the user credibility of Victoria University’s website is far more than any other University’s website. The students find the Victoria University’s website very easy to navigate and its language was very simple. They could find the information very easily and the pages were connected very well to each other. As most universities do not pay attention to these issues, they are mostly disoriented and difficult to navigate. It is said that a University should spend about 15% of their budget on improving their website experiences.

What are the Usability features of a University Website?

According to Nielsen and Mack, 1994, the original list of usability features created in 1990 was as follows:

  • The dialogs should be simple and natural.
  • The language of the website should be according to the user.
  • It should minimize the memory load of the user.
  • It should be consistent.
  • It should provide feedback.
  • It should have clearly marked exits so that the user is not lost.
  • It should provide shortcuts for various tags.
  • It should provide good error messages.
  • It should prevent errors so the users should not be confused.

All the above-mentioned points should be kept in mind while designing a website. The website should be simple to access and used. As far as the Website of Victoria University is concerned it has improved a lot with time. It has improved its user-friendliness. Lots of students have benefitted from the website in their given assignments.

How is the University benefitted in its Website Development from Professionals?

Every University should develop its website keeping in mind some important points. It should first of all be user-friendly. Its contents should be easy to navigate and pages should provide relevant information to the users. The guidelines should be followed to create a website in which students take maximum advantage of their given assignments’ writing in Melbourne. BME provides website development guidelines and also provides tips that how the user credentials should be maintained by a website. The Victoria University website has adopted guidelines which BME has provided to help students get assignment writing help directly from their University’s website and improve your grade in assignment easily.

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